terms and conditions

Encryptomania Escape Rooms Terms and Conditions of use

We have taken measures to ensure our escape rooms are safe and enjoyable environments to be in.

Please make sure you have time to stop at the Little River Railway station public toilets before arriving. We do not have toilet facilities and your personal comfort is important to us!

Reminder – at least one team member needs to be responsible for the group and aged 18years or over.


To ensure a positive experience, team members must agree that they will:

  1. Have a good time while respecting the space.
  2. Be mindful where your teammates are within the rooms.
  3. Supervise and be responsible for the actions of any young people under 14years
  4. Take time to observe the objects in each room so you don’t bang into them while your eyes adjust to the lighting.
  5. NOT attempt to climb or sit on props within the rooms. There are NO requirements to disassemble or unscrew any room components or climb at all.
  6. Only use objects in ways they are intended to be used; use should be obvious.
  7. Ask questions if you are unsure of whether you might cause damage during your game play.
  8. Be aware that rooms are video monitored for insurance purposes.
  9. Help yourself to hints or answers provided in the room. We leave the choice of using hints up to you.
  10. Rooms may involve scents and smells. The rooms are not suitable for people with extreme hypersensitivity to essential oils or perfumes.
  11. If you have any medical conditions that make being in the room unsafe for you, you are responsible for removing yourself. Entrances are always unlocked.
  12. Do find a staff member if you believe something is malfunctioning and we will do our best to ensure your experience continues unimpeded.
  13. If an accident occurs, despite our risk mitigations, let staff know immediately so we can help.

Our commitments:

  1. Should there be any catastrophic failure of a puzzle, we will offer an alternative date or a refund.
  2. Staff will brief you before you enter the room, and any heavy objects are clearly labelled.
  3. Wilful interference and damage to props will cause you to be asked to leave the room and cover costs for repair or replacement.
  4. In the event of an emergency, staff will notify you of the need to exit the building and direct you to the assembly point in the front carpark.