FAQs: Things People Ask
There is plenty to do on the Penisnsula! Plan a day. Birdlings flat has the gemstone museum, Little River has an art gallery and a couple of craft/gift shops. Drive up to hilltop for a great view of the harbour and Banks Peninsula. Check out the Duvauchelle wharf and the Barry's Bay cheese factory. Learn the history of the Ōnawe Pa site. Visit Akaroa for scenic cruises, Star Gazing, boutique cinema and an esplanade stroll. Check out some of the bush walks available, or visit Okains Bay and Akaroa museums.
4267 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Little River, Canterbury, New Zealand. We are just under an hour's drive from Christchurch.

What is an Escape Room?

An escape game is a real-life experience where players enter a game space and explore. Successful teams work together to discover clues and solve puzzles. The group strives to use elements of the room to reach the endpoint. A good escape room has a captivating theme and puzzles set to keep your team busy.
We do not lock people in rooms as this would be dangerous in the case of an emergency.
Our escape rooms are 1 hour long. Participants to date report time going by very quickly. The experience continues as people debrief and share their responses - usually at a local cafe or during the car ride home.
You are provided with self service hints and are recommended to use them based on progress. Some people prefer not to take help so they can try a room again at a future time with another team. Other people are desperate to reach the finish line. We leave the choice with your team, but do not guarantee every group will finish.
Our rooms are recommended for families with teenagers and older. 14 years and over is our guideline. We require each team to have at least one responsible team member aged 18 years and over. If you have a younger family member, you may check with us about accommodating them with your close supervision. Younger children are likely to find the puzzles colourful but difficult.
Your team of 2 to 6 people are the only people in the room. A game host will keep an eye on people's general wellbeing via remote camera.
Rooms are not suitable for food and drink. A lock up cabinet is available to store belongings. Bring your willingness to have fun, explore and work collaboratively.
We are the first gateway town for the Banks Peninsula. The Christchurch-Akaroa highway is currently 80kmph. The online drive time estimate from Christchurch's city center is 54 minutes. Plan to arrive early and stop at the local township toilets, on the left of the Craft Station.
Your arrival time allows for a 15 minute pre-game briefing, pre-payment and signing of terms and conditions.
If something appears to be malfunctioning, alert your game host and we will do our best to resolve the immediate issue so the game can continue.
Puzzle solving is an active sport, so it is a good idea to wrap up before you exhaust yourself entirely. Two rooms in one day would be VERY intense and is not recommended.
We don't have a toilet on site. There are toilets in the Little River township. We recommend a stop off before you arrive.
We do not have a bar or have cafe facilities. Little River has an excellent renovated pub, a couple of cafes and a coffee cart available at different times. We recommend planning ahead for a post escape room coffee and/or food.