Escape Rooms and Bookings

Many people ask us – what is an escape room?  In short: They are multi player puzzle based social games. Each room has a unique objective and a story line to immerse yourself in. 

  Will you be in Little River or visiting Banks Peninsula? Are you looking for an excuse to go for a drive or wanting something to do with your teenagers? Book a slot and check us out.  See our FAQs for day trip ideas.

The Novice

4267 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Little River, Canterbury

Prove yourselves worthy to advance from Novice to Acolyte of the De Cryptic Order. 

The Novice (1)

We thoroughly enjoyed this yesterday with my son and his friend. Highly recommend Amy Cameron Stronach, Facebook, 7 February 2024. ***Had a fab time at Encryptomania escape room in Little River!! Highly recommended! DeJa New, Facebook, 11 February 2024. ***We visited Encrytomania today, it was amazing! so well detailed and thought of. It really tests the brain in a good way. A truly fabulous experience. Definitely worth visiting. We had a blast. The hour goes fast. - Sam Rae, Facebook, 15 March 2024. *** My work mates and I had a fab time trying to escape! It was so much fun and so cleverly designed. Highly recommended! Thanks guys. - Alison Evans, Little River Residents Facebook, 26 March 2024. *** Great new escape room in little river - excellent small business to support with wonderful room and props - Jess555, Morty App, 4th April 2024. *** Great place, a must do!!! Two of our players are avid escape room fanatics. Brought this as a gift for my partner Wayne and thankfully his niece was able to join him . (THANKS) had friends join.This room from their perspective was great, very challenging but awesome. Would think it was good for a group of four people.Worth the drive out. Cindy Proudfoot, Facebook, 14 April 2024. ***


We recommend planning for a post escape room cup of tea or coffee at a Little River outlet. There’s usually plenty to talk about afterwards.